Our Series

Anhinga Press sponsors three ongoing series of books:

Titles in each of these series are listed below. Each series' titles are in descending chronological order (most recent first); if a year is missing, the corresponding title is no longer in print. For a complete list of our books, including those out of print, see the Books page.

Robert Dana-Anhinga Prize for Poetry

Year Poet Title
2014 Robin Beth Schaer Shipbreaking
2013 Bethany Schultz Hurst Miss Lost Nation
2012 Anna Ross If a Storm
2011 Rosalynde Vas Dias Only Blue Body
2010 Kimberly Burwick Horses in the Cathedral
2009 Gretchen Steele Pratt One Island
2008 Rhett Iseman Trull The Real Warnings
2007 Kenneth Hart Uh Oh Time
2006 Meredith Walters All you have to do is ask
2005 Sandy Longhorn Blood Almanac
2004 Joshua Poteat Ornithologies
2003 Deborah Landau Orchidelirium
2002 Erika Meitner Inventory at the All-night Drugstore
2001 Patti White Tackle Box
2000 Ruth L. Schwartz Singular Bodies
1999 Kathleen Wakefield Notations on the Visible World
1998 Julia B. Levine Practicing for Heaven
1997 Michele Wolf Conversations During Sleep
1996 Keith Ratzlaff Man Under a Pear Tree
1995 Ann Neelon Easter Vigil
1994 Frank X. Gaspar Mass for the Grace of a Happy Death
1993 Janet Holmes The Physicist at the Mall
1992 Earl S. Braggs Hat Dancer Blue
1991 Jean Monahan Hands
1989 Nick Bozanic The Long Drive Home
1988 Julianne Seeman Enough Light to See
1987 Will Wells Conversing with the Light
1986 Robert Levy The Whistle Maker
1985 Judith Kitchen Perennials
1984 Sherry Rind The Hawk in the Backyard
1983 Ricardo Pau-Llosa Sorting Metaphors

Van K. Brock Florida Poetry Series

Year Poet Title
2015 Donald Morrill Awaiting Your Impossibilities
2015 Silvia Curbelo Falling Landscape
2012 Lola Haskins The Grace to Leave
2009 Kelle Groom Five Kingdoms
2010 Michael Hettich Like Happiness
2010 Sean Sexton Blood Writing
2008 Mia Leonin Unraveling the Bed
2006 Kelle Groom Luckily
2005 Donald Morrill With Your Back to Half the Day
2005 Philip F. Deaver How Men Pray
2004 Rhonda J. Nelson Musical Chair
2001 Lola Haskins The Rim Benders
2000 James Brock nearly Florida
1999 Mia Leonin Braid
1997 Silvia Curbelo The Secret History of Water

Levine Prize in Poetry

Year Poet Title
2013 Chelsea Wagenaar Mercy Spurs the Bone
2012 Barbara Brinson Curiel Mexican Jenny and Other Poems
2011 Ariana Nadia Nash Instructions for Preparing your Skin
2010 Lory Bedikian The Book of Lamenting
2009 Sarah Wetzel Bathsheba Transatlantic
2008 Shane Seely The Snowbound House
2007 Neil Aitken The Lost Country of Sight
2006 Lynn Aarti Chandhok The View from Zero Bridge
2005 Roxane Beth Johnson Jubilee
2002 Steven Gehrke The Pyramids of Malpighi
2001 Fleda Brown Breathing In, Breathing Out